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Husqvarna Viking has been developing, manufacturing and selling sewing machines and sewing products since 1872. In that time, they have become a world leader in creating high quality top of the line sewing, quilting and embroidery machines and sergers. We carry Husqvarna Viking because we know that their products will provide years of trouble free service to our customers, and  that Husqvarna Viking stands behind every product they sell.
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Designer Epic™ Designer Diamond Royale™ Designer Ruby Royale™
Designer Topaz 50™   Designer Topaz 40™ Designer Jade 35
                Sewing                 Machines  
Sapphire™ 960Q Sapphire™ 930 Opal™ 690Q
 Opal™ 670 Opal™ 650 Jade™ 20
Emerald 118 Husqvarna Viking HClass 100Q
Emerald™ 118 
Emerald™ 116
H/Class™ 100Q
Husqvarna Viking HClass E10    
H/Class™ E10    
  Overlock Machines   
Husqvarna Viking HClass 200S Husqvarna Viking Huskylock s21 Husqvarna Viking  Huskylock 25
HClass™ 200S Huskylock™ s21 Huskylock™ 25
  Quilting Machines   
Platinum™ 16